Killbox vs. Killbox (Updated)

It’s a case of two comics from two publishers with the same name. Last week American Gothic Press announced that they’d be publishing a new comic series Killbox from creators Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden. In the announcement Riordan says the idea for the series has been in his mind since about 2000.

The problem?

Antarctic Press already has a series called Killbox by Brian Denham which has been published since 2002. The publisher Tweeted asking American Gothic Press and Riordan to change their title’s name.

Here’s the description of Antarctic Press’ series:

As the lost US Marine Corps tank crew refuels in Iraq, a sniper’s bullet punctures their fuel line, dousing them in the flammable liquid! It’s a race against time to move out before the sniper’s tracer round ignites the gas and turns the tank into a 65-ton funeral pyre!

And here’s the American Goth Press description of theirs:

Beneath the sultry façade of Los Angeles lurks a mysterious casino bent on making money off of murder. Bartender Timothy Choir and otherwise regular people play as undercover pawns in a violent competition that leaves the winner with millions of dollars—and the losers dead. But there is much more than mortal death going on in the Killbox, and Timothy soon discovers that winning might not be an option.

While the two series are in no way similar, there definitely could be confusion between two comics with the exact same name from two different publishers.

American Gothic Press’ Killbox will be available in April. Antarctic Press’ version is available now.

Update: Antarctic Press has sent American Gothic Press a cease and desist.