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Kickstarter Spotlight: Scarabs #1


Do you hate your job? Wonder why you’re working towards that degree? Do you feel trapped in a path chosen years ago by your younger self, idling steadily toward your doom?

We did too.

Scarabs is a story of the struggle to turn from the oppressive momentum of career, in pursuit of a dream. It is about clinging to that old life until you snap and are flung too far in another direction. It is about the magic of talking to your cat, and the danger of taking her advice. It is about walking that delicate line between practicality and creative liberation, and doing a terrible job of it. It is about Egyptian gods battling for control of a troubled man’s mind.

It is all a bit silly, but so are we.

Andrew Dorland is an artist, former investment advisor, tattoo shop dude, and dissatisfied job-hopper. His tale of office despair is the inspiration for this comic’s conflict. Andrew Bohonis was a budding young engineer ages ago, until he was flung from a downtown tower, sprouted wings, and travelled the world. Life has saddled him with several titles, none of which seemed to fit. Perhaps some day he’ll call himself a writer.

We’ve known each other since we first planted trees together fourteen years ago, and have been bouncing stories back and forth for just as long. One might say making this comic is our destiny.

If you’d like to help manifest it, check out our kickstarter, running through February 15th, 2016.




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