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Deadpool Gets a New Colossus

With a television spot putting more of a focus on Colossus, it has been announced that a new actor will be taking on the role of the classic X-Men character in next year’s Deadpool. Actor Andre Ticoteux was originally supposed to play the character, but now Stefan Kapicic has stepped in at the last hour finishing his role in December.

Kapicic in interviews has described the role as a dream and has said he’s a comic fan, and that he “can’t live without them,” with Deadpool being one of his favorite characters. In an interview the actor has said his first comic was an X-Men comic when he as six years old.

The 6’4″ German actor didn’t know what he was auditioning for and that the characters had different names attached. He was able to put two and two together when other casting was announced.

Colossus in the film is over 7′ which had the actor stretching to make himself seem bigger including making sure to get the character’s voice down.

So, what do folks think of Colossus being including in Deadpool? Sound off in the comments below.

Deadpool Colossus


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