Review: Weirdworld #1

Weirdworld_1_CoverMeet Becca, an ordinary teenage girl trapped in an extraordinary world. Stranded in Weirdworld and separated from all she knows, her mission is clear – GET HOME ALIVE! Easier said than done. Crystal Warriors! Wizardslayers with muscle cars! Catbeasts that spit fire! The queen of sinister sorcery Morgan Le Fay! All this and more await Becca around every corner. Can she make it home in one piece? Or is she Weirdworld’s newest permanent resident?

Out of all of the Marvel titles to be announced as part of their All-New, All-Different relaunch, this one I knew the least amount about. I read the Secret Wars miniseries, and knew a little about the world’s past history in the Marvel Universe, but its role going forward was unclear.

Weirdworld to me is a weird fantasy setting meets the Savage Land, a place where all kinds of stories can be told, but they’re mostly of a fantasy set with wizards and knights, but also the occasional car thrown in. It lives up to that weird part of its name.

Weirdworld #1 is one of the best debuts of the All-New, All-Different launch with an art style that makes it stand out, and a story that is full of excitement, but also a lot of heart. At the center of it all is Becca Rodriguez, a new character (I think is new) that adds diversity in both gender and race. Becca is thrust into the strange world in a beginning that feels like the start of Lost mixed with weird monsters (none of the smoke variety). All we know is that Becca has no idea how she got there, but needs to get to Mexico… for something. That something is revealed and really is the thrust of the heart of it all. Writer Sam Humphries in the quick reveals in this first issue presents a masterclass of how to hook readers with just enough information to get us interested, and packaged in a way to keep us entertained. He adds depth to all of the action in just a few panels, two really, which tell a story all on their own.

Artist Mike Del Mundo‘s art is as crazy as the world it depicts with a style and look that feels like the proper amount of chaos. It again is a perfect combination of artist and writer. Del Mundo’s style enhances the weird aspect of it all with characters exaggerated and monsters designed for fun. Del Mundo is helped by Marco D’Alfonso with the colors which particularly stand out in the style that’s chosen. This is a comic you’ll linger on each page looking at the design choices.

The first issue sets up the series as a fish-out-of-water buddy cop story as Becca meets Goleta the Wizardslayer. And while that might seem formulaic, it’s a lot of fun. I seriously can’t wait for the second issue, and out of all of the new Marvel series, this one stands out as the best debut of them all.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Mike Del Mundo
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review