TV Review: Arrow S4E8 Legends of Yesterday

arrowA crossover episode that began on The Flash concludes with Oliver and Barry taking Kendra and Carter to a remote location to keep them hidden from Vandal Savage, while they figure out how to defeat him.

Arrow concludes this season’s two part epic crossover with The Flash with the team pretty frazzled and not sure how to defeat Vandal Savage.

There’s a lot for geeky fans including some time travel and Nth metal as well as an origin of sorts for Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

The episode is an interesting one in that a large chunk of it is used to hearken back to a plot point from the first season (maybe the second), and then with time travel, its brought up again in an odd way.

Hawkman too is a bit of a dick in the two episodes. This one he really comes off as a bit misogynistic making comments about Kendra and her ideas/role as Hawkgirl (such as his comment about her ideas). I never really liked Hawkman in the comics as he came off as a testosterone filled ass, but in live action in comes off as really dickish. He’s just not really likeable.

The battles too are a bit weak. There’s been an issue this season with battles in Arrow and the various heroes moving weirdly, and posing in obnoxious ways. The episode ends in a rather idiotic way too with how Savage is stopped, especially since he was built up so much in the previous episode.

The final moments are interesting, but in no way make up for the rest of the episode. The first episode of this two-parter was great, the second just didn’t stick the landing at all.

Overall rating: 6.6