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Review: X-O Manowar: Commander Trill #0

XO-TRILL_ZERO_COVER-A_JIMENEZFrom Aric of Dacia’s escape with the X-O Manowar armor to the destruction of his own home world, pain and consequence have haunted the life of the alien general called Commander Trill. Now, on the eve of the most devastating assault yet, find out why with an essential, standalone zero issue detailing the battle-scarred life and origin of the Vine’s mightiest military leader…and an all-new prelude to X-O Manowar’s most terrifying clash of the year!

Valiant ave billed this as an all new jumping on point, and it is, but is it worth reading?

Well that ultimately depends on how familiar you are with the publisher’s comics.

It’s always interesting to get some background on a villain prior to a massive battle, and getting to explore their motivations, so being able to see the reasons behind Commander Trill‘s hatred for Aric of Dacia is an interesting opportunity for one such as myself how is only relatively new to Valiant‘s rich history. I’ve had some small exposure to the character of Commander Trill in the past with only the barest hint as to what drives the alien, so this was a welcome insight into the history of a character who’s poised to become a much bigger threat in the future.

Written by Robert Venditti, with art by Francis Portella the one shot X-O Manowar: Commander Trill #0 is basically an extended biography of the alien general. That’s not a bad thing, however, as this is a really enjoyable comic with some fantastic art work.

But, and let’s be totally honest here, if you’re not already reading X-O Manowar then you’ll probably skip over this, and I can’t really blame you for doing that, but you’re missing out on one of the best series on the racks right now, and this one shot will provide some interesting (if not entirely required) back story to a character that’s set to become a major threat to Aric of Dacia in the future.

Scoring this is a bit of a conundrum; if you’re already reading X-O Manowar, then you can add another half point to the overall score and switch my recommendation to a read for this comic. If you’re not already reading the series, then I’d highly encourage you to start, but probably not here; so pass, for now, on this comic. Instead look for either issue #39 (the start of Exodus) or issue #43 (the start of the next arc). You don’t necessarily need to read the first trade (I haven’t) to get an idea of the characters origin as Valiant do a bang up job of catching you up on that with their recap pages.

Story: Robert Venditti Art: Francis Portella
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: It’s complicated.

Valiant provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review.