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Review: The Adventure of Aero-Girl TPB

The Adventures of AeroAEROGIRL_TPB-Girl is a fun comic about a teenager and her side-kick gorilla fighting crime in the industrial city of Fox Bay. Young Jackie (A.K.A) Aero-Girl ends up taking on the big responsibility of protecting her city much earlier than expected.  She’s motived, driven and ready to do it, however, her loved ones are worried for her safety.  They believe it’s too soon for her to have such duties at 14 years old.  Will Aero-Girl be ready to stand against Dr. Chimera and his evil army of animen, The Recycler, and The Junkbots?

The writing of Aero-Girl by Dewayne Feenstra is great.  What I enjoyed most was that there isn’t a lof of narrative caption bubbles so we learn a lot about the characters and places in this graphic novel simply through the dialogue and art alone.  There’s a good balance of humour and seriousness in the storyline.  It’s very coming of age and acknowledging of the fact that the protagonist is more than just a girl, she’s an up and coming hero too.  What’s more, it’s great to see more and more comics these days with a strong female lead.  

There’s something special about the artwork in Aero-Girl.  It’s cosmic, colourful and charismatic.  It just makes the storyline more enjoyable.  There’s nothing better than a graphic novel with a great storyline and amazing art, right? 

My favourite thing about Aero-Girl is all of the characters.  They’re all so different with distinct personalities and storylines of their own.  It’s easy to become attached to many of them, even the villains.  Moreover, a lot of the characters are linked in some form or way which makes reading Aero-Girl more entertaining.  You can’t help but want to find links between them.

On the whole, there’s something important about this graphic novel.  The plot is great but it seems to bring up important issues well without making it too intense.  Like the importance of family and finding oneself.  I think everyone of any age should read this comic.

Story: DeWayne Feenstra Art: Axur Eneas (Art and Cover), Juan Paul Reibeling (cover)
Story: 8 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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