Review: Doctor Strange #1

Doctor_Strange_1_CoverWho do you call when things are coming out of your dreams and trying to kill you? Or when your daughter is cursing in Latin and walking like a spider? Or when your dog keeps screaming at you to strangle your neighbors? Doctor Strange, of course. He’s the only person standing between us and the forces of darkness, but has he been paying his tab? Every act of magic has a cost and Stephen Strange is going to be put through hell to even the scales.

I’ve read some Doctor Strange stories here and there, but have never considered myself the biggest fan of the character or the magical side of the Marvel Universe. When Marvel announced a Doctor Strange movie, it was only a matter of time before we’d hear about a Doctor Strange comic. When Doctor Strange was announced as part of All-New, All-Different Marvel with writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo at the helm, I immediately got excited for the series, and the first issue does not disappoint.

Jason Aaron has time and time again proven himself to be one of the best writers in comics, and currently pens one of the best comics out there in Southern Bastards. With such talent, you’d expect it’d be easy to be disappointed by the first issue, and I assure you it met every expectation I had and then some. Aaron introduces us not just to Doctor Strange but the magical side of the Marvel universe as a whole, including numerous players whose name don’t make up the title of the series. Everything you need to know is contained within, especially giving us a good idea of who Stephen Strange the man is (ladies man sums it up well). Threats are set up, rules are presented, and characters are given a hell of a lot of character. It’s all a lot of fun.

That fun kinetic energy is due in part to Bachalo’s art. I’ve been a fan of his style for quite a while enjoying his issues of Amazing Spider-Man and various X-Men related series. It’s a very unique style and it works well for me due to the chaotic nature of Doctor Strange’s world. The style fits the world it’s trying to show. Bachalo does a lot with angles and perspectives to enhance the craziness that is the magic world, and goes crazy in a fun way to show us what Strange sees in his every day life. I have no idea if various easter eggs were in the script or that’s Bachalo’s doing, but there’s a lot out there, especially for X-Men fans and even a DC nod too. It adds to the fun.

Aaron and Bachalo have put together a really fun debut that exudes energy off of the page. This is a series I looked forward to debuting, and it delivered in every way. By Vishanti it pulled it off!

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Chris Bachalo
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review