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Review: Awake #1

unnamed (1)Young Regn has the ability to awaken and heal planets. On her very first mission, she wakes up on the planet Gremon, afraid and nervous about the journey that lays ahead of her as Gremon is angry, irritable and has been alone for many years. At least she has both of her animal friends, Operi and Bashi to maintain her motivation on her trip. The question is, will Regn be powerful enough when she encounters the planet’s consciousness?

Awake is a nice combination of adventure and fantasy. It’s very much a progressive and entertaining comic for all ages. It has a creative and innovative storyline by Susan Beneville with stunning artwork by Brian Hess to match. They’re both as good as each other and the panel work shows it too. There’s something satisfying about how organized and cohesive the panels are in Awake which just makes it even more aesthetically pleasing.

The plot throughout Awake is an enthralling one and engrossing start to finish.  I like the fact that this comic makes you feel like  you’re part of Regn’s journey. unnamed (3)Moreover, it’s just fascinating to read about a reality where a planet is deeply personified to the point where it has feelings.

The artwork of Awake optimizes magical and otherworldly. The colors are delicately intense and enchanting throughout the entire comic.

There aren’t many characters in awake. However, this just allows us to focus more on the intriguing protagonist, Regn. She’s woken up, not entirely aware of where she is. We don’t know an awful lot about her apart from the fact that she’s frightened and potentially, pretty damn powerful. As uncertain as Regn is about herself and her powers, it’s probable that there will be lot’s of character development for Regn with powers like hers.

Overall, Awake is a charming comic and it really is for all ages. It’s hard to find or even create a comic that all ages could possibly like and Awake has done it profoundly.

Story: Susan Beneville Art: Brian Hess
Story: 8.0 Art: 9.0 Overall 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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