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Bill Finger To Receive Credit For Co-Creating Batman

In a statement released to The Hollywood reporter, DC said:

DC Entertainment and the family of Bill Finger are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement that recognizes Mr. Finger’s significant contributions to the Batman family of characters. “Bill Finger was instrumental in developing many of the key creative elements that enrich the Batman universe, and we look forward to building on our acknowledgement of his significant role in DC Comics’ history,” stated Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment. “As part of our acknowledgement of those contributions,” Nelson continued, “we are pleased to confirm today that Bill Finger will be receiving credit in the Warner Bros. television series Gotham beginning later this season, and in the forthcoming motion picture Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

cover - Bill the Boy Wonder - MEDIUMIt’s about damn time.

Artist Ty Templeton posted a comic on his website that really says all that needs to be said, and I urge you to click the link here to check it out. Templeton illustrated the book Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator Of Batman, by Marc Tyler Nobleman. Nobleman was a driving force behind getting finger recognized as the co-creator of Batman; for a detailed timeline on Nobleman‘s considerable efforts, check out his blog post here.

This undoubtedly great news for those who have been campaigning to have Bill‘s name recognized, although there’s as of yet still no confirmation on what form the credit will take, whether it’ll be an inclusion in the Batman created by… byline, or something else entirely for Gotham and the DC movies featuring Batman that are released down the road – however thus far there is only confirmation of credit for Bill Finger appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice at the moment (though it’s reasonable to assume that will carry on to Suicide Squad and beyond).

Also aside from the fact this is a great step in getting the name of Batman‘s co-creator out to the masses via Gotham and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it isn’t a full credit on all of the Batman stories yet. Will there ever be a byline like Superman receives (Superman created by Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster) on any an all comics featuring the Caped Crusader?

Maybe. Full credit for the previously (officially) unacknowledged writer is certainly more likely today than it was last week.

One thing is for certain, however; this is a phenomenal step in getting Bill Finger recognized for the contributions he made to Batman‘s world. A huge amount of credit to this achievement should go toward Marc Tyler Nobleman, and his tireless crusade over the past decade. His efforts prove that with some determination, one man really can make a difference.

Image of Nobleman‘s book Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator Of Batman sourced from his blog. The feature image sourced from Templeton‘s blog.
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