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Review: Action Comics #44

Action Comics #44 CoverThe epic “Truth” arc reaches its finale as Superman makes some brutal choices and discovers the source of the Shadow Warriors.

I began reading Action Comics #44 and immediately felt like I missed something, like I skipped an issue. Nope, definitely read issue 43, you can read my review here actually. The previous issue, things became much clearer as to writers Aaron Kuder and Greg Pak‘s focus, which to me was attempting to create that feeling of wanting to be Superman as a kid. This issue, I’m not quite so clear.

Wrapping up the “Truth” arc, and having “Lies” emblazoned on the cover, the issue is a lot of punching. Almost all action, with little else, the issue felt muddled and that there were some key plot points missing. I really felt like I was missing something, like I skipped an issue. What’s strange is, this formula of lull building up to conflict has worked quite well in the previous couple of issues. Here though, something is rather lost.

It could be the lack of details. It could be the wrapping up of the arc, while at the same time opening up a lot of questions. There’s just something very off with this issue. Possibly reading the arc as a trade, that might not be as apparent, but with a month gap, I definitely felt like something was off.

Aaron Kuder does double duty on art, and does an admirable job. I like his style and mixed with colors by Tomeu Morey, it looks like a mix of anime with a Western take. Kuder’s flow of action is very solid, as well as his use of the panels to keep the flow and show what’s going on.

Overall, the issue feels like its slipped a but with a muddied conclusion to this first arc. While it’ll probably sit well in the overall story, on it’s own, it just doesn’t hold up.

Story: Aaron Kuder, Greg Pak Art: Aaron Kuder
Story: 5 Art: 7 Overall: 5.5 Recommendation: Pass

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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