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Transformers #45 Acme Comics Exclusive Variant Revealed

TF_045_AcmeComics_LowResAcme Comics has revealed their latest exclusive variant cover. They’ve been fans of Transformers since kids even bringing the first release Decepticons to school in the early 80s when there wasn’t so much as a television commercial for them yet. And Transformers #1 was one of the first comics they remember owning.

They’ve done a lot of awesome variant covers in the past (Serenity Leaves on the Wind #1 by Joe Quinones, Archie #1 by Dan Dos Santos, etc) but they are especially proud of this one in a very sentimental way.

Acme had been in talks with IDW Publishing since the first part of the year about doing something Transformers related and finally the idea came to them. Transformers deluxe toys in the 80s always had amazing box art that you could stare out for hours picking out every small detail. From that notion, they had the idea to duplicate the 1986 back of box artwork featuring Metroplex, but with their Acme Comics Presents storefront as Metroplex’ body. They approached Casey Coller who is a friend of Acme and one of the premiere Transformer cover artists and he read their mind exactly. Casey featured some of the character that will be prominent in the storyline that begins with issue #45, but used the same poses and positions from the original box art to maintain the homage. Finally colorist Joanna Lafuente captured the perfect tones to instantly activate nostalgia! For those familiar with the classic box art, you can see from the image, this team nailed the homage.

This exclusive cover is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and will be available at TF Con Charlotte, America’s largest fan run Transformers related convention, on October 16-18th of 2015. After that, remaining copies will be available through their website

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