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UDON Entertainment announces Street Fighter Unlimited comic series

Street Fighter comics are back with Street Fighter Unlimited, an all-new monthly comic series arriving in comic shops December 2015! Street Fighter Unlimited combines fighters from all eras of Street Fighter’s nearly 30-year history in a Canon Spiking, Sonic Booming, Hadoken-throwing martial arts melee!

The new monthly series will be helmed by returning Street Fighter scribe Ken Siu-chong, while pencillers Joe Ng and Edwin Huang will trade off art chores tackling 4-issue story arcs. The story promises to be UDON’s most epic  yet as fan favorites Ryu, Chun-li, Guile, Ken, Alex, Cammy clash with not only the villainous Shadaloo organization, but also the invincible Gill and his cult-like Secret Society. It’s all leading up to a new Street Fighter Tournament featuring more World Warriors than ever before!

Also returning with the new monthly comics are UDON’s trademark 4-page bonus stories in every issue. These action-packed short stories will feature a rotating team of talented writers and artists such as Jim Zub, Adam Warren, Chris Sarracini, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Omar Dogan and more!

As Capcom nears the release of the Playstation 4 exclusive Street Fighter V in 2016, fans can expect even more new Street Fighter comics to be announced. Stay tuned to for more Street Fighter comic updates.

Street Fighter Unlimited #1 arrives in December 2015, and the series continues monthly through 2016.


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