Review: Death Head #1

DHEAD-1-FC-FNLI remembered watching the movie, Jeepers Creepers and its inevitable sequel, when they came out, I still remember just how spooked I was watching both films, as you had a feeling what was ultimately going to happen to them, but you still wanted to see it anyway. That is the exact feeling I had while reading this exciting new series by Zack and Nick Keller with art by Joanna Estep, they have created a series that has that air of eeriness that only the best horror movies have. The story opens up with a couple taking a hiking a tour of Shadowcliff National Park, which actually has the biggest population of death head hawk moths in the country. They stumble upon, what they believe is a reenactment site, but is actually the same town, where the ancient legend of Death Head begun, shortly after, they are attacked by hive full of moths.

The action then cuts to an all girls school, where you are introduced to salacious teenage girls, nuns who curse and evil priests. Definitely all the makings of a good slasher flick. You are then introduced to the typical defenseless weakling and a bully who cannot help but pick on him, who just so happens to mention the legend of Death Head which is what connects all these characters together. Although, these characters and their arcs, are well-traveled tropes in the horror genre, the creative team behind this, does an excellent job of putting a well-developed story together.

Definitely, the Kellers are lovers of this genre and know what works and what does not work, as far as storytelling, and they use the devices that do work in the most effective ways. The art by Joanna Estep is an extraordinary complement to the Kellers’ script. The cohesion between the Kellers and Estep, make this project work, where others would fail. Overall, a solid horror comic, that definitely deserves a big screen adaptation.

Story: Zack and Nick Keller Art: Joanna Estep
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: BUY NOW

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