Review: This Damned Band #1 (of 6)

thisdamnedbandBilled as Spinal Tap meets Ghostbusters, and set in 1974 This Damned Band #1 is the opening act of a miniseries written by Paul Cornell (Wolverine, Action Comics) with art by Tony Parker (Mass Effect: Foundation) that promises to tell the story of the rock band Motherfather who thought they were “worshiping Satan,” only to find out they were actually worshiping Satan.

Although I’m usually a superhero kind of guy, This Damn Band is comic is appeals to me on more levels than I realized it would, but in the interests of remaining as spoiler free as possible, all I will say is that I loved this comic, and I’ll be picking up a copy when it’s released on August 5th.

The story is told in a style that evokes This Is Spinal Tap, and if the first issue is anything to go by, then the entire This Damned Band mini series promises to be an awesome ride, and a ride that will be well worth the cover price. The first issue reads like an excellent parody of the worst excesses of the rock n roll lifestyle portrayed in almost every movie about rock ‘n roll since the 80’s, and Paul Cornell is ever so coy about having the band let us in on the joke.

This Damned Band really is a fun comic.

The fly on the wall documentary style with which Paul Cornell tells the story meshes so perfectly with Tony Parker‘s art work to really draw you into the comic’s story. By utilizing the documentary style for its story telling the comic almost has you as an active participant in the story, even witnessing events that you later tell other band members about off panel, which is an inspired touch.

The first issue of This Damn Band is a must read not only for fans of Paul Cornell’s writing, or fans of rock music, or comic books, but also for anybody who wants to experience comic book story telling in what promises to be a unique and interesting way.

Add This Damn Band to your pull list today. It’s well worth it.

Writer: Paul Cornell  Art: Tony Parker
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.5  Overall: 9.0 Recommendation:  Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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