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Marvel’s Future is Here. Presenting the All-New, All-Different Marvel

This fall, Marvel is relaunching with brand new first issues once this summer’s event Secret Wars wraps up. New directions, new creative teams, and a lot of new series. You can take a first look at these series today in comic shops with the All-New, All-Different Marvel Previews.

Below are promo images of what you can expect. We’re still mulling over our thoughts on it all.


  • There were definitely some surprises for me here both good and bad:
    I knew Deadpool wouldn’t stay dead. That’s Marvel’s cash cow. With the movie coming up, they wouldn’t want to give up on that hype.
    Do we really need more Silk? I loved Cindy in the Amazing Spider-Man’s Spider Verse. Her own series, though, was incredibly boring for me. She’s girl Peter Parker, and no where as interesting as Parker.
    I’m definitely excited for Ms. Marvel, Star-Lord, The Mighty Thor, and All New All Different Avengers. Though, I was rooting for Pepper to take up the Iron Man suit, and it doesn’t look like that. Being my favorite Avenger, I’m always pumped for Hawkeye.
    I think my biggest disappointment was no continuation of Loki: Agent of Asgard. I was a huge fan of the series and the direction it took the God of Mischief. It was a fantastic build from the Kid Loki arcs a few years back. I’m hoping he comes back into play somewhere. I also hoped they would retcon Steve Rogers being old. Granted, I’m not a Rick Remender fan at all. I still feel that was the biggest pitfall he wrote. At least I’ll have Captain America: White for the good old fashion Steve.

    Finally, I hope they continue on with series like Groot and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier. With no word on the ongoing series that didn’t cancelled in Secret Wars, I’ll be on edge to see what happens with them.

  • I wanted to add a follow up.
    I’ve been looking at this preview in my store for a few weeks now. The more I look at Hulk #1, the more I’m thinking it’s Bucky Barnes. Why black out the left arm? We know Bucky is missing in Planet Hulk. Probably by now, he’s been exposed to gamma radiation of that state. We know it’s NOT Bruce Banner.
    I’m calling it now.