Kickstarter Spotlight: You Are Not Alone 3

yaby Andrew Goletz

The project I’m here to write about today is Your Are Not Alone 3, the latest installment of our anti-bullying anthology aimed at younger readers who are confronted with issues like abuse, depression, homophobia, racism and violence on a daily basis. The stories themselves are filled with messages of hope and contained within the books’ chapters are resource contacts for those who feel they have no place to turn.

For more than five years, GrayHaven Comics has offered itself as a place that supports new creative voices. In those 5 years we’ve published over 70 comics and featured over 300 different creators who often got their work published for the very first time.

Our most ambitious project to date was You Are Not Alone, our anti-bullying anthology aimed at younger readers. In the Fall of 2013 I was honored to take home the award for Comic Book Creator of the Year by Geekadelphia and the Philly Geek Awards for the work done on You Are Not Alone This was followed a year later by the equally important You Are Not Alone 2.

Now the time has come to revisit these themes in a 3rd volume of You Are Not Alone.

Unlike our first two volumes where our crowdfunding was created a year before publishing, You Are Not Alone 3 is almost completed. The final stories are being lettered and the book will be ready to go to print by mid to late August. This means your rewards will arrive shortly after the successful funding of this project.

The successful funding of our previous You Are Not Alone volumes allowed us to go above and beyond where we wanted to reach an audience. It allowed us to create additional copies and the money earned help to offset printing and shipping costs which enabled us to comp copies of the book to schools and youth organizations that wanted them.

We aren’t offering a lot of ‘bells and whistles’ with this campaign, choosing to keep things simple for the most part. There are PDF and Print versions of the book. Standard and variant covers. We added a few art rewards from some talented illustrators as well as some editorial feedback rewards.

The Kickstarter campaign is in its early days but we need some help in getting the word out there. We want to be able to reach goal quickly in order to put some cool stretch goals in place. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please pledge and share the link.




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