Review: Scarlett Couture #3

ScarlettCouture_#3_AHigh-octane action meets high-fashion drama in the third installment of Scarlett Couture’s Project Stardust. Scarlett swaps her skintight stealth suit for a skintight gown as she and Trent infiltrate an exclusive party on the hunt for the missing link in their investigation. Luckily, the team from Chase Couture are always available to provide the very best of distractions…

When I first heard of this series, my mind thought of old James Bond movies and also to recent spy stories in comics like Velvet, which just intrigued me more. So when I got a chance to read it, I was beyond thrilled to find a spy story which was fun and exciting.

The art pops off the page, it looks as if this was a cartoon. It reminds of the art that used to be in the Progressive commercials, which is not a bad thing; in fact it only accentuates the storyline in this case. Des Taylor has done a master job of not only drawing a beautiful story but also writing one.

At first glance, especially the introductory scene of the first issue, Scarlett reminds me of Black Widow, just an American version. Scarlett is part of the CIG (Covert Investigations Group) and the story treads on interesting tropes especially in the spy genre, one where family is involved on the wrong side and familiar twists like spies not following orders for sake of the mission.

The third issue opens with Scarlett in Las Vegas, hot on the track of an assassin who has left a trail of bodies in their wake. Scarlett ends up showing some of the skills that makes her the master spy she is by taking out a few security guards who were in her way. Afterwards, her and Trent see the clues start to line up, and they follow their leads to California, where Scarlett endures an underwater fight, a la Never Say Never Again.

This issue, we’re missing her dossiers that were in the first two issues, possibly because Des Taylor has revealed all there is for the reader to know before the epic conclusion. What surprised me most about Des Taylor’s writing is his attention to details. Taylor makes of habit of making things factually accurate, which is different for some comic book writers. It only makes sense as readers, because in this age of Google we have easier access to information than generations past. Overall, a great read.

Story: Des Taylor Art: Des Taylor
Story: 9 Art:  8 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Read

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review