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Graphic Policy Radio interviewed writer Brenden Fletcher for our podcast and if you like his work (Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy) and/or care about creating inclusive comics in which young people, people of color, women and girls and LGBTQ people are represented then you should give it a listen.

We got to break some news last night! Brenden just received new pages drawn by the great Ming Doyle (who we interviewed the week before). The two share a gothic aesthetic so it’s a great collaboration. Not sure which project it will be for…perhaps the Batgirl Annual?

Helen Chen, the artist who drew the painterly, charming and lightly Miyazaki-ish Gotham Academy #7, will be an artist for the Batgirl Annual.

I invented the concept of Schrodinger’s Oracle. Dare we look into the box (issue 41) to see if there’s a new Oracle? Brenden’s response to my question was rather specific.

If future issues of Brenden’s books are late it’s because I told him about Gravity Falls, a TV cartoon I describe as Twin Peaks for kids. Oops.

We learned the inspiration behind rock and roll Black Canary, Brenden’s musical past, some hidden Batman characters in Gotham Academy and the secret behind why Montreal is a comics hub (it has something to do with public policy…)

And that’s just the beginning!

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