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Transformers Get a Female Combiner

Transformers VictorionIDW Publishing is wrapping up it’s event Combiner Wars in its various Transformers comic series. The event saw the return of Combiners, Transformers that connect to form a much larger robot. It brought back numerous classic Combiners like Superion and Bruticus, something fans have wanted to see for a while. It also saw the formation of new combinations, something that’s not ending with this event.

This weekend, IDW announced that Combiners are getting a bit of girl power with a new one made up of just female Transformers. Female Transformers were recently reintroduced in Transformers lore, last playing a role in the classic cartoon series. Female bots have shown up since, but it’s only been a character here and there.

In Transformers: Combiner Hunters, a one-shot follow up to the Combiner Wars event, six bots will combine to form Victorion. Writer Mairghread Scott said in the announcement this new bot will need to navigate a world of shifting alliances, imperfect heroes, and charismatic villains. Exactly what’s made IDW series so great.

The comic features the female Autobots Chromia, Windblade and Arcee meeting the new Victorion, the result of a recent Hasbro Fan Built Combiner poll designed to create a new female character for toys and comics. The characters who combine as Victorion volunteered to search for artifacts sacred to their culture and religion in the Sea of Rust, an unsettled area on the planet Cybertron that’s corrupted by toxic gases. This dangerous atmosphere corrodes armor and has unknown effects on a ‘bot’s processors and circuits.

While the exact make up of Victorion is being held tight, IDW has said that this is a bit different than others in that the six are a tight unit, and work well combined creating a more coherent and intelligent bot. The team’s alternate vehicular forms include two race cars, a pair of helicopters, a motorcycle and a rescue truck. And Victorion also differs from other Combiners not only because she’s female but she can manipulate gravity and has the ability to combine in different configurations. If the copter twins form her legs, she can fly, and when they make up her arms, Victorion can use her gravity powers as a weapon.

The next storyline is called Conquerers, and is written by Transformers editor John Barber and drawn by Combiner Hunters artist Sara Pitre-Durocher. Victorion will have an important role in that event, and the six robots will form an interesting relationship with Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Optimus is currently attempting to figure out his role in the post-war Transformers society. The current storyline features the Transformers of Cybertron on the hunt for lost Transformer colonies, and how they combine in a new society will be interesting.

(via USA Today)

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