Review: Thors #1

Thors001cover“How long have you been worthy?”

That is the question asked by the Commanding Officer Thor to the new rookie in beginning of Thors #1. I have another question. “Who is ready for an intergalactic murder mystery with a dash of Midgardian humor?” That’s exactly what this book is. One part Buck Rodgers and one part CSI. Welcome to a world where the cops trade in their badges for big honking magic hammers! (Who wouldn’t?)

We open the story as the Thors (Composed of Ultimate Thor, Stormbreaker Ray, Rune Thor, Destroyer Thor, Stormborn Thor aka Storm from X-Men and Groot Thor!) are checking a crime scene containing the murder victim of an unknown woman, which brings about an alarming pattern. After all this was the fifth body this week. Our main characters are Thorlief and Ray (short for longtime fan favorite Beta Ray Bill) and their banter sucks you in from the get go. Like any buddy cop drama, they are antagonistic with each other and bring about some classic moments. The Thors are the top police force of everyone’s favorite Metal Faced Monarch: Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom to the longtime cool kids) as he is the godlike force that now rules the realm. There are no longer nine of them (for backstory on this, read Secret Wars) but basically the normal Marvel Universe (616) and Ultimate Marvel Universe (1610) had an epic collision with each other and neither one of the universes survived, creating the universe we now know as Battleworld. (Enough cosmic geography for now, back to the story true readers!)

4619632-thors2015001_int3-1The newbie Thor watches on as our main Thor tells him not to touch anything whilst he investigates the slaying “Because a victim can only be killed once, but a crime scene can be murdered a million times.” (Never heard that on CSI Miami, great line as if Horatio Caine said it himself ominously while pulling down his dark shades) The newbie can barely contain his stomach as Thorlief peels back the sheet revealing the victim. It is here amidst the grim that the tone is set for the book. Lots of cross banter between the team to lighten (not lightning) the moment. It is apparent to the team at that point they have an “Allthing” dumped in their laps. From the context that means it is a special type of emergency with an “all hands on deck” response required.

Once this fact has become established the team splinters out in separate directions, leaving our main Thors (Thorlief, and Ray) to continue a deeper investigation. However the investigation is cut short by the untimely interruption of nomad raiders known as the Ghost Riders (so awesome!)

thors-1-page-4The Riders prove to be far less than a match for our Hammer Bearing Heroes of Justice, as they are thwarted and taken into custody rather swiftly. After some witty buddy cop banter and thus having handled the threat, Thorlief and Ray hoist their prisoners back to Doomgard. The best line of the book here is uttered “How mad do you a think he’ll be? On a scale of One to Fing Fang Foom?” as the two are on their collective way to speak to the Lawspeaker. (I won’t ruin his identity here but it is pretty darn cool) Having met the Lawspeaker and such disappointed him greatly, the Thors are cast out of the precinct. He even threatened to bust them down to “Berserker” rank before the week is through. (That’s some pretty hip cop lingo there) On the way out though, here is the very best part of the book to me as Thorlief stops to see The Frog. In actuality he’s the head of the Forensics Department. A Forensics Frog! (The concept was so awesome, I almost leapt onto a lily pad) Here the frog wearing a frog sized lab coat, reveals the big twist of mystery as well as the issue and it’s a cool one. (Don’t be those type of amateur sleuths guys, read for yourself)

thors_1The remainder of the issue is chock full of little treats for long time fans as well as plenty of stuff for new readers. We get to see an secret informant, a revelation and we end on one Hel (with only one L here) of a cliffhanger! I honestly don’t have enough good things to say about this comic. It’s a fairly quick read but so very packed!

Overall: What does a murder, flying police gods, skeleton ghost riders, forensic frogs, and Groot Thor have in common? The best single comic of the week! That’s what! Great art, great story. Honestly, I shall be counting down the days till next Thorsday, impatiently waiting to read the next chapter. On a scale of One to Fing Fang Foom, this was definitely the Foomiest! Get this book and ride the Lightning! Or get it just to see The Frog! So till the nine realms align next time folks…

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Chris Sprouse
Story: 10 Art: 9 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Definite Buy