Stormtrooper Faces Charges

stormtrooper lockdownIt would appear dressing up as a Stormtrooper is now a crime. In Lynn, Massachusetts, students were surprised when George Cross showed up to their school dressed as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. The 40 year old man showed up as school was about to be let out.

The sight of what us pretty common place at any geek convention scared the shit out of the school because they couldn’t tell if the toy gun he was holding was real or not. This caused the principal to delay the dismissal and the police were called. Cross was then placed under arrest.

Cross was arraigned on charges of disturbing a school and violating a city ordinance of loitering withing 1,000 feet of a school.

Cross said:

I bought a costume, I was walking through the neighborhood showing friends, and then all that.

Police were not amused by the event. Lt. Rick Donnelly of the Lynn Police Department said to the news:

We just can’t have things like that taking place in front of the school.

Clearly no one has ever heard of Star Wars in the town….

We fear if the 501st Legion were to show up, the army might be called.

(via WHDH)