Marvel Releases Another All-New, All-Different Teaser

Remember earlier today when we said Marvel wasn’t going to have you running all around the internet to find teasers and info about their All-New, All-Different Marvel? In less than 24 hours the publisher has released a second teaser that shows off some of the Fantastic Four, and new Wolverine, and old Wolverine. Remember, the FF and X-Men were persona non grata according to some sites.

Check out what this teaser tells us below!

All New All Different Marvel Teaser 2Starting on the left, that’s Doctor Spectrum a rather underused character that’s popped into the Avengers. Upfront, that’d be Citizen V who was secretly Baron Zemo in Thunderbolts. I’d guess it’s still Citizen V, but someone else under the mask. The Thing gets a new outfit, since he’s joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. Daredevil gets an updated costume that matches the Netflix version a bit more. Doctor Strange has… an ax? And it looks like Thor’s ax! The long rumored Doctor Strange comic will happen in time for his film. Upfront that’s X-23 who is now taking up the mantle of Wolverine, since that’d be Old Man Logan himself standing next to her. How all these pieces of the puzzle come together we’ll find out in a few months!