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Comics from IDW and Top Shelf make up the new Humble Comics Bundle

idw_top_shelf_humble_bundleIDW Publishing and Top Shelf are joining forces for the ultimate comic book team-up! IDW and Top Shelf go together like a locke and key (which makes sense if you read on!). The publishers are part of the latest Humble Comics Bundle which not only allows you to pay what you want for awesome digital comics, but also support a worthwhile charity, Traveling Stories.

Name your price for Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter, March: Book One, Nemo: Heart of Ice, Nemo: The Roses of Berlin, and Locke & Key Vol. 1-3. If you pay more than the average price, you’ll also get The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Vol. 3, We Can Fix It!, God Is Disappointed in You, Alone Forever, and Locke & Key Vol. 4 & 5. If you pay at least $5 above the average price, you’ll receive all of the above plus Nemo: River of Ghosts, March: Book Two, Richard Stark’s Parker: Slayground, and Locke & Key Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega.

The contents of this bundle would cost you up to $158 if purchased separately, but at Humble Bundle, you pay what you want. You choose where the money goes — between the publisher and a charitable cause (Traveling Stories) via the PayPal Giving Fund.