Review: A Sailor’s Story

A Sailor's Story CoverGolden Age comic book legend Sam Glanzman draws upon his own World War II experiences in this outstanding graphic novel. Glanzman wrote and illustrated this intimate account of his life aboard a Navy destroyer, the USS Stevens.

It’s been more than twenty-five years since these comics have been in print. This new collection unites both A Sailor’s Story and its sequel, A Sailor’s Story: Winds, Dreams, and Dragons, plus a never-before-seen ten-page story of the USS Stevens, Even Dead Birds Have Wings, as well as numerous tributes, a forward, introduction, and afterword.

I’ve never read the original material, so to get everything in one book is handy, and also helps put it all into context together. The numerous stories is Glanzman’s personal first-hand account of his experience during World War II. It’s an honest, raw portrayal, with both good and bad, taking us into the world of what it was like during the time, and what it was like as a sailor.

The graphic novel is adapted from Glanzman’s notes and other material, providing us his perspective of what it was like during the time. It doesn’t hold back at all, not just recounting events, but also goes into details of the ships and guns, so should be entertaining for those into that detail, as well as those who enjoy history. It’s education, and history, as entertainment, and that’s a fantastic thing.

A Sailor’s Story is a fantastic piece of history, giving us a first-hand account of what happened, and the sacrifice many made to defend freedom. A great example of using the graphic medium to capture and tell history.

Story: Sam Glanzman Art: Sam Glanzman
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

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