Review: Convergence: The Flash #2

Convergence-Flash-2 coverStarring heroes from Crisis on Infinite Earths! Barry Allen lashes out against the heroes of the Tangent Universe as he tries to protect Gotham City from Convergence!

The Convergence event to me has been interesting, in that the main series has stumbled, but many of the tie-in series have actually shined. This is one of the better series. The first issue’s focus was primarily on Barry Allen, and how being whisked away for Convergence affected individual’s lives. In Allen’s case he’s been away from his love for a year. Does he try to move on with his life? Does he hold out hope? It’s a touching first part.

Convergence: The Flash #2 moves beyond that and takes us into the battle portion of the event. But, here’s the problem. The loser of the Convergence battle is destroyed, along with their city. But, Barry is key in the classic DC event Crisis on Infinite Earths. If he and his city is destroyed, what does that mean for that iconic event? That’s the quandary that writer Dan Abnett tackles head on. And that’s what makes the issue stand out from the pack.

Abnett slides to the side the battle portion of the event. There’s fighting, but in the end, the victory is achieved through logic, not fists. And in doing so, Abnett gets at the heart of what makes many of the classic DC characters great, that they’re truly heroes who will sacrifice themselves to save the world. It’s an almost pure story in that way, and so refreshing from the at times dark and violent heroes that have become the norm.

Abnett’s helped by artist Federico Dallocchio who does a fine job on art, some of the best of the event. His style is very clean, and is modern, but also has a classic sensibility about it. I’d love to see most of his work after this event is through.

Overall, the two issues are a solid one with a clear vision, voice, and purpose in each issue. This isn’t just some boring battle like some of the tie-ins are. Abnett is a fantastic writer, and these two issues show off how solid he is.

Story: Dan Abnett Art: Federico Dallocchio
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review