TV Review: The Flash S1E23 Fast Enough

theflash_full_costumeWhen the partical accelerator is back online, Barry will have to go back in time to stop Eobard Thawne on the night of his mother’s murder 15 years ago.

This is it, the finale to the first season of The Flash. The episode is interesting in that about 3/4 of it is Barry debating his options. Eobard has given Barry a way to fix things. Go back in time, save his mother, and giving Eobard a way to head back to his time. But, should he? That’s a lot of the episode, what Barry gains versus what Barry loses if he does this.

The answer takes up the last 20 minutes or so of the show, and leads to one hell of a fight between The Flash and Reverse Flash. That’s really the last little bit of the episode, and it has some twists and turns that had me saying “holy shit.” Add a cliffhanger that literally has the fate of the world at stake. Well, that’s something I guess we’ll find out about when the second season begins in the fall.
The episode is an interesting one, where the majority is focused on the relationships that have been built up through the season. It wasn’t what I’d expect, which was a massive fight for a lot of the episode.There was also some great references for the comic fans, along with some foreshadowing. Not only do we get to see the helmet of Jay Garrick, but also Rip Hunter is mentioned. Hunter will play a huge role in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which will debut in 2016.The episode was one full of heart and excitement, and I can’t wait until the series returns this fall.

Overall rating: 9.3

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