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TV Review: Gotham S1E22 All Happy Families Are Alike

gotham cast All hell breaks loose on Gotham’s streets as the crime families collide. Dr. Thompkins helps Barbara through therapy. Bruce and Alfred try to find out Thomas Wayne’s secret.

Gotham wraps up its first season concluding a bunch of plot lines, but also laying things out for the second season.

The gang war has broken out in the last episode, and sort of gets wrapped up in this episode…. yes, a story that could have run an entire season is handled in about one and a half episodes. But it’s action packed with Fish actually being a decent character coming off as pretty tough. I went from hating her, to liking her in one episode. It’s a battle between the various factions, and things get pretty settled, though there’s some loose ends open.

Also, the story of Barbara and her kidnapping goes completely south in what can be summed up as the most worthless character, and strangest plot line of the season. I didn’t like the character to start, and absolutely loath her now.

More is thrown around including Selina, Nygma, and Bruce discovering something. The season ended with an absolutely packed episode with lots of highs, and lots of lows.

I think the season can be summed up in this one episode as far as quality. A lot of it was great, a lot of it not so much, a lot I wish they just go it over with. We’ll have to wait to see where things go from here, but at least it’s left in a good place. On to season two!

Overall Score: 7.5

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