CTM Media Holdings to Become IDW Media Holdings

IDW Media HoldingsCTM Media Holdings, Inc., a holding company consisting of CTM Media Group and a majority interest in IDW, announced today that it will begin operating under the name IDW Media Holdings to reflect the growth of IDW as its principal line of business, and Ted Adams, a founding partner and current CEO and Publisher of IDW, will take over as CEO of IDW Media Holdings.

A holding company is a company that doesn’t actually produce and goods or services, it just owns shares of other companies and forms a corporate group. It helps owners control a number of different companies and reduces the risk for owners.

IDW Media Holdings, Inc. will be an integrated media company consisting of IDW Publishing, the award-winning, San Diego-based comic-book and graphic novel publisher; CTM Media Group, a distributor of print and digital advertising; IDW Entertainment, the television-development arm of IDW Publishing; San Diego Comic Art Gallery, a new comic art gallery space launching in summer 2015; Ettractions, a travel-based web portal; Top Shelf Productions, a publisher of independent and creator-driven graphic novels; IDW Games, producer of tabletop board games and card games; and IDW Limited, the high-end print collectibles division of IDW Publishing.

CTM Media Holdings currently has two classes of common stock listed on the OTC Pink Sheets Pink Tier under the symbols CTMMA and CTMMB.  As part of an integrated effort to boost the presence of the Company, IDW Media Holdings will register its common stock under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and seek to list its shares on a national securities exchange with a ticker symbol reflecting its updated identity.