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ComiXology Submit 30 Books For 3 Bucks and Releases Infographic Celebrating

To celebrate comiXology’s return to SXSW and to kick off comiXology Submit’s third year, comiXology is offering a 30 Submit book bundle for only 3 bucks, beginning today and running through Monday night on The bundle contains titles from both known and unknown creators with books normally priced at $75 for only 3 bucks. It’s the perfect way to discover new comics, graphic novels, and manga, and the future star creators and cartoonists of comics publishing.

To celebrate their third anniversary, the company has also released the below infographic featuring some stats about all of the comics released.

comixology submit infographic

You can find the full list of the 30 Submit titles being offered for 3 bucks and the creators and cartoonists behind these titles below:

  • Leaving Megalopolis written by Gail Simone, art by Jim Calafiore
  • Doc Frankenstein #1 written by Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski, pencils & inks by Steve Skroce, colored by Jason Keith
  • Snipe, written by Kathryn Immonen, art by Stuart Immonen
  • Dayglow #1 art & writing by David Hahn
  • Punk Rock & Trailer Parks by Derf Backderf
  • Revenger #1 by Charles Forsman
  • Expecting to Fly #1 by John Allison
  • The Brothers James #1 written by Ryan Ferrier, art by Michael Walsh
  • Lady Mechanika #1 by Joe Benitez with colors by Peter Steigerwald
  • Harold by Antoine Cossé
  • Lionheart Tales #1 by Thomas Stazer
  • Exterminite #1, written by Mikey Neumann & Len Peralta, pencils by Len Peralta, & colored by Tim Switalski
  • Radical Guardian Skater X #1 written by Chris Sims, art by Joe Hunter
  • Jack Zero: Crackerjack Shot #1 written by Joel Blumsack & Arnold Pander, art by Arnold Pander
  • The End is Totally Nigh #1 written by Kara Barrett, art by Vinnie Rico
  • Silver #1 by Stephan Franck
  • Animals #1: Chickens written by Eric Grissom, art by Claire Connelly
  • House Party, art & writing by Rachael Smith
  • Andrew Jackson Throws a Punch by Andrea Tsurumi
  • Sanity & Tallulah: Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives #1 by Molly Brooks
  • Dash #1 by Dave Ebersole, art by Delia Gable
  • Golden Age written by Robert Harrington & Giulie Speziani, art by Cecilia Latella, colored by Dustin Evans
  • Love Machines #1 written by Josh Trujillo, art by Ryo Kawakami & Michael Schisler
  • Rum Row #1 written by Andrew Maxwell, art by Michele Bandini, colored by Derek Dow
  • Kid Code #1 written by Damian Duffy, John Jennings & Stacey Robinson, pencils by Stacey Robinson, inks and colors by John Jennings
  • Dragon Slayer #1 art & writing by Devin Kraft, colored by Jake Ekiss, Devin Kraft, Vinh Luan Luu & Matthew Warlick
  • The Intergalactic Nemesis #1, written by Jason Neulander, art by Tim Doyle
  • Outcasts of Jupiter #1,written by Shobo Coker, art by Shof Coker
  • Lit Brick #1 by John S. Troutman
  • Frankie Holliday #1 by Nic Lawson