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Review: Legenderry Red Sonja #1

LegenderryRS01-Cov-A-BenitezFollowing on the first issue of Legenderry Vampirella, these two series are proving that there are still lots of stories left to tell for the steampunk versions of the Dynamite characters.  By comparison to Vampirella Red Sonja didn’t get as much of the steampunk treatment, at least not in her character design.  There is one major difference for Sonja as compared to the other characters and that is that while she is in a displaced time period, it is also one which is more advanced than her own.  In comparison to the other characters though, the anachronism gives here rather than takes away.  The setting for the character is still a foreign one, and that in itself might be the weakest part of this issue, as the somewhat generic role of pirate captain doesn’t fit as well for Sonja even where other new developments do.

As was the case with Vampirella, Sonja is also on the trail of some supernatural terrors, but of course the way that she goes about it is all her own.  It is thematically similar to the other Legenderry title, but contextually different enough.  The format of the story even fits in with Red Sonja well enough, establishing her as a serious character and strong female, both in charge of her fellow pirates and later handling herself in battle.  For anyone not entirely sold on the idea or the concept, the revelation of the identity of the mysterious character at the end should solidify acceptance for the series and for how it belongs into the steampunk genre.

The end result is not a great accomplishment, but it is a fun and easy read with good pacing and engaging action sequences.  Dynamite already proved that with Legenderry that they have a surprise sleeper on their hands, and with the quality of this first issue and others, there is no reason to expect that to stop any time soon.  Steampunk may be an abnormal setting for characters, but it proves to be one which is easily pliable to being one in which strong female characters can thrive, and if that is the case then Dynamite has a winning formula for its female leads.

Story:  Marc Andreyko Art: Aneke
Story: 8.3 Art: 8.3 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Read

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  • Mmm… the worst Red Sonja´s comic ever.

  • instead, it´s the design of charecters or the penciller. Im remember this cheesy taxi scene, or when the bar misstress talks to ronja her arms look creepy.