Review: Legenderry Vampirella #1

LegenderryVampi01-Cov-A-BenitezThe popularity of steampunk goes back almost to its inception as a sub-genre of science fiction by the likes of Wells, Burroughs and especially Verne.  This fiction rooted in the scientific knowledge of the late nineteenth has mostly stayed true to its roots, and it has only been recently that it has been mixed in with other genres to create a wider appeal.  The first of these pop culture attempts was in the pages of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which although it used the main characters from this time period, was also sort of based the makeup of the team on that of the Justice League.  Despite the slow creep of steampunk into pop culture and especially in a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, it has still remained somewhat self-contained.  One of the first and most evident crossovers of characters into a steampunk universe came in the pages of Legenderry, where the biggest names at Dynamite were put into a steampunk setting and forced to interact.

After the success of this first attempt Dynamite is back with its second steampunk series.  This time the remainder of the gang is left behind and Vampirella gets her own solo focus.  The action picks up in the aftermath of the first series, as agents of chaos are still looking for a way to further their goals, while Vampirella is looking to tie up loose ends.  As the villains develop new plans and get new allies, it is not as easy as Vampirella might have though that it would be as she meets difficult resistance to her attempts to cut off the head of the criminal enterprise.

Although at times the steampunk elements are a little overdone, this is equally a time and place where Vampirella feels at home, maybe even more so than the modern day setting where she is presently based.  The feel here is a Bram Stoker style of steampunk, lighter on the pseudo-science and heavier on the occult.  It is a good fit, and the story benefits from it as does the main character.  The end result is maybe not amazing, but it is a solid read with some fun moments and a solid story and concept to hold it together.

Story: David Avallone Art: David T. Cabrera 
Story:  8.0  Art: 8.0 Overall:  8.0 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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