Wow Cool Alternative Comics Needs Your Help with Stolen Comics

We don’t normally get sent a plea to help track down stolen comics, by Marc Arsenault the General Manager of of Wow Cool Alternative Comics in Cupertino, California did just that. The store was previously burglarized a month and a half ago, and it has been broken into and stolen from again. The store hasn’t recovered what was stolen the first time, and hopefully they can catch the folks behind both robberies. If anyone has any information, please reach out and help.

As you may have heard the Wow Cool Alternative Comics shop in Cupertino was broken into this weekend and several books were stolen, about $1,00 dollars worth. I’ve attached a list of books and a PDF of the cover images of some of them. This is a unique assortment of books and should be easy to spot. If someone tries to sell you these books, please contact me and the Santa Clara Sheriff – Event # 14-348-0240C phone: (408) 868-6800 attn: Deputy Metcalf
Please pass the word around to other shop owners. I do not have the email for Recycled Books, Legends, Book Buyers and Comic Collectors Shop
And here’s a list of what was stolen.
4 A City of Whiskey and Fire Noah Van Sciver 978-1-934460-63-4 4.99
1 The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Piza James Kochalka 978-1596439177 12.99
1 Hawd Tales Devin Flynn 978-1-934460-62-7 4.99
1 The Best of Milligan & McCarthy Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy 978-1616551537 24.99
3 True Stories Volume One Derf Backderf 978-1-934460-78-8 5.99
1 A Body Beneath Michael DeForge 978-1927668078 15
2 Голем успех H. Valium 978-608-65598-0-9 30
1 Mr. Punch 1995 edition Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean 978-1563892462 24.95
1 Violent Cases Tundra edition (signed by the author) Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean 19.95
1 Jimbo’s Inferno Gary Panter 978-1560976912 29.95
1 Storeyville Frank Santoro 978-0978972271 19.95
1 Elektra Lives Again Frank Miller 978-0871357380 24.99
1 Basewood Alec Longstreth 978-0985300470 19.95
2 Tooth Dale Flattum 20
1 X’ed Out Charles Burns 978-0307379139 21.95
1 Skin Deep Charles Burns 978-1606991671 16.99
1 Scam: The First Four Issues! Erick Lyle 978-1934620700 14.95
3 Comic Book Artist Magazine 7.5
1 Understanding Comics Scott McCloud 978-1568620190 19.95
2 Unearthing Alan Moore 978-1603091510 29.95
1 NOBROW 6 978-1907704192 24
2 NOBROW 7 978-1907704345 24
1 Gigantic Robot Tom Gauld 978-1935443001 16.95
1 Anatomy For Artists Anthony Apesos 978-1581809312 22.99
1 Stray Bullets 1 David Lapham 29.95
1 Stray Bullets 2 David Lapham 29.95
1 Hi- Fructose 31 7.95

And at least a dozen other books and magazines. Titles include Juxtapoz, Bust, Back Issue, Study Group. There is a selection of books by Keith Knight, Jen Sorensen, Joe Sacco and Lloyd Dangle as well..

If anyone does have info, please help.

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