Which 2015 Comic Movie Has the Most Interest?

2015 is a slow year for movies based on comic books with only four currently on the calendar. This compares to nine in 2016, and eight in 2017. This year be ready to be entertained by Kingsman: The Secret Service in February, Avengers: Age of Ultron in May, Ant-Man in July, and The Fantastic Four in August.

To see which of the four has the most buzz, we turned to Google Trends. Here’s the search activity over the past year.

2015-02-02_1042Out of the four, Age of Ultron is clearly the hottest of the bunch, with Fantastic Four getting some interest due to the recent release of its trailer.

Here’s the same info over the last 30 days.

30_daysWhat’s interesting is interest in Ant-Man receded to below previous interest once the first trailer was released, while Fantastic Four has received a boost that’s held.

We’ll be keeping up with this over the upcoming months, but if searches are any indication, don’t expect much from Kingsman: The Secret Service when it opens in a few weeks.


  • I think the matter with Ant-man is more that currently everyone is focussed on Age of Ultron. Plus, The Fantastic Four is more controversial.

    • Absolutely. We’ve only heard horror stories about FF, so there’s a curiosity. Ant-Man is just being overshadowed. It’ll be interesting to see how that changes over the coming months.

  • Right now, it’s all about the Avenger’s. It’s the closest, it’s got the most anticipation and it’s got the cleanest record. Fantastic Four has a lot riding against it, from rumors to story changes, plus the fact that the first two weren’t great. Ant-man is a wildcard.

  • After Avengers, summer will kick in and people will be more focused on Ant-Man.