TV Review: Gotham S1E14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane

gotham cast Fish Mooney reveals a secret of Oswald Cobblepot’s, prompting Maroni to take him on a trip to test his loyalty. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock hunt down a killer who targets victims with severe phobias and Bruce Wayne confronts Gordon for failing to make progress on his parents’ murder case.

Gotham is really kicking things into high gear as the series looks to dive deep into the Batman mythos beginning next week.

Tonight we get a bit of an origin with the introduction of Dr. Crane, the father of that other Dr. Crane we know to be the Scarecrow. The episode is all about fear, which will intelligently go into a certain fear that leads to the origin of a bat like vigilante.

What’s also nice is the movement of a decent romantic interest for Gordon and possibly even Bulloch. Both get a bit of a social life as they attempt to balance work with life resulting in some awkwardness. That work life balance also rolls over to Nygma who is also trying to find some love.

But the big movement is the story of Oswald who’s betrayal is figured out, and leads to some issues with Maroni. The series is best when it moves its mobster storyline along with the police drama. This might also be the first episode where the introduction of a “freak” has worked as well.

Overall, the episode isn’t as strong as last week’s, but it was still a very exciting and entertaining entry.

Overall Score: 7.75

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