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TV Review: Gotham S1E13 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

gotham cast When the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, Gordon suspects that it’s an inside job and looks to an old friend for information.

Gotham was in top form tonight with two vital storylines running, and a third that’s a bit meh.

The meh is the story with Bruce and his search for Selina. Overall, it’s the weakest part of the series, and the less it focuses on Bruce Wayne and the murder of his parents, the better the series is. It’s particularly weak when it deals with the young Selina or Ivy. They, along with Bruce, feel a bit forced.

The other two storylines have to deal with Gordon’s return to the police force as well as the rise of the Penguin. Both were solid here, moving along each respective plotline well, especially when it comes to the characters themselves.

We slowly see how Gordon becomes the leader we know he becomes, slowly winning over his fellow police, and fighting against the odds and system. This is a great spot of the series, and I think brings some of the strongest character aspects to the series.

Penguin has also risen, taking over Fish’s club, except Fish isn’t exactly out of the picture. Watching Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin is fantastic. He’s probably the best of the series, and to see him grow has been fascinating.

Where these two stories intersect are particularly interesting and some of the strongest things of the series. When it does the mob/cop aspect it shines.

This episode shows what the series can be, and at the same time seems to be phasing out some of the weaker elements. Gotham is back, and it is stronger than ever.

Overall Score: 8.25

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