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Jason Inman Joins DC All Access

Faster than a speeding download, more powerful than a rapid WiFi signal, able to share breaking DC Entertainment news in a single video… it’s a web series, it’s a new season, YES, it’s DC All Access with all-new co-host Jason Inman! Jason was discovered through an online talent search.

Jason grew up in the small town of Stark, Kansas, on a farm not unlike The Man of Steel himself, and has now taken his talents to Los Angeles, CA. Between his YouTube channel Jawiin and podcast Geek History Lesson, Jason is no stranger to educating and entertaining audiences on a variety of geeky subjects.

With his superhuman love of comic books and super-hilarious punch lines, we’re sure he’s the perfect new partner in crime for returning host, Tiffany Smith.  Together they’ll take you inside the shows, movies and games you crave.

DC All Access returns for its third season on February 3.

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