Graphic Policy Radio, LIVE This Monday

GP Radio pic MondayThis Monday Graphic Policy Radio returns! The show airs LIVE this Monday at 10pm ET.

On this episode:

  • We discuss the finale of All-New X-Factor. Issue #20 wraps up Peter David’s latest run of Marvel’s X-Factor. We discuss the series and those revelations at the end.
  • This summer Marvel’s universes smash together creating an All-New Marvel with Secret Wars. We chat what this means for the 616, Ultimate Universe, as well as the return of Marvel Zombies, Age of Ultron, Future Imperfect, World War Hulk and more.
  • DC Comics brings back the old and mixes it with the new when Convergence comes out for two months. We discuss what this all means for the DC Universe and what to expect after.

We’ll be discussing all of that and more! We also want to hear what you think. Call us at (619) 768-2952 and let us know your thoughts, or Tweet them to us @graphicpolicy.