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Graphic Policy Radio, LIVE This Monday!

GP Radio pic MondayThis Monday sees a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio, the show that mixes comics and politics. The show airs live at 10pm ET.

The first week of new comics of 2015 is behind us, and we’re talking some of the brand new series that saw their first issues debut last Wednesday.

On this episode:

  • What character has beaten both Thanos and Doctor Doom? That’d be Squirrel Girl. The unbeatable Squirrel Girl gets her own series in Marvel‘s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. We discuss the first issue!
  • Last week saw the debut of Agent Carter on ABC, and Marvel’s Operation S.I.N. which features Agent Carter! We’ll discuss the first issue, as well as the new show. How well has Marvel tied the comic and television series together? Find out!
  • Image Expo took place last week, and we’ll be discussing the numerous series that Image announced. You can find out what to expect from them in 2015!

We’ll talk all that, and more! We want to hear from you too. Call us with your thoughts at (619) 768-2952, or Tweet us your thoughts at @graphicpolicy.

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