Review: Ghost #11

ghost cover 11This is only the third issue of the darker turn for the main character in this series, but already she is starting to see the negative effects of her actions.  In the purest sense, this is maybe not a truly dark turn for the character rather, she is simply one of a changed outlook, that of a changed outlook more to that of a utilitarian brand of justice in that she fights for the greatest good.  If she ends up insignificantly different from the villains that she fights, at least from a legal sense, then it is still judged to be of value, as her crimes of murder are stopping others from doing the same.  Of course any ethical issue is never as easy, and by this third issue, Ghost has already learned the cost of violent revenge.

This story is told through her friend Tommy.  At the end of the previous issue we saw him being gunned down by the group of people assembled to ambush Elisa as she ventured into yet another grey area of crime fighting.  The majority of this issue deals with the fallout from this attack, as Elisa learns once again that there is a deeper cost to her actions than simply those of the crimes that she commits.  Revenge in itself acts as a catalyst of entropy, despite her best interests and best efforts, things still end up worse than before when she is involved with her self-appointed crusade.

Revenge forms one of the major bases for characters across comics, and yet it is very infrequently looked upon as a destructive force, more so as a motivation for those that have an interest in crime fighting.  For instance, Batman can use revenge to reach impossible feats, and it is very infrequently shown to have the same effects on him that it has on most.  That is where this story succeeds, in that it looks at one of the common character background motivations and but displays it from a different angle, and one which is likely more realistic in comparison to the real world.  It makes this series one of the better superhero series on the market at the moment, flying a little bit under the radar, though worthy of a look by those interested in a bit more depth in the story telling for their heroes.

Story: Chris Sebela Art: Harvey Tolibao
Story: 8.8 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

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