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IDW and Hasbro give us Superion, Bruticus and Menasor in Transformers: Combiner Wars

I have a love of Transformers, and especially the updated tale IDW Publishing has been weaving in their various Transformers titles. While specifics haven’t completely been laid out, the comic titles have been discussing the idea of gestalt and Transformers combining into a greater form for quite some time. Other than Devastator in the comics, it’s an ability that’s been lost for some time in the IDW Transformers universe.

That looks all to change in March, when IDW launches the opening salvo for their next Transformers epic, Combiner Wars. The event looks to bring many of the combiner bots we loved from our childhood. While it’s clear from IDW”s March solicits that Menasor and Superion will be making appearances, it looks like we can also expect to see the Decepticon’s Bruticus to show up too, if the toy tie-ins being released are a hint.

All of this is tied into Hasbro‘s Transformers line of toys that’ll feature the Combiner Wars, and many of the bots who will be taking the spotlight. It’s fantastic we’ll be seeing the story play out with a toy line directly tied into it on shelves too. Hasbro and IDW continue to impress with the synergy of their releases.

Check out images from Hasbro of the Transformers: Combiner Wars toys which give a good look at the combiners and some new designs of classic characters.

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