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Review: Storm #6

storm 006So far in this series, there has a been a lack of success in finding a defining direction for the character.  Although at times the character of Storm has been captured correctly, at others it has been muddled and muddied by outside developments which halt any interior development in this title.  This most recent issue is perhaps a chance to look at what has come before to put it behind as well as to highlight both the successes of the series so far as well as the strength of the character that has been built up over her many years of publication history.

As Storm leaves Yukio behind, she finds herself on a plane headed to La Guardia, but no plane ride it can seem can ever be normal for any superhero.  Instead of dealing with boring in-flight movies and stale pretzels, Storm has to deal with unruly passengers who are unhappy with a mutant flying on board.  While these are interjected in a forced way, there are also some nicer moments, specifically with a nurse escorting an organ for donation, who has recognized what Storm did in the first issue of this series by stopping the tidal wave.  As this ties into the other stories so far in this series, Storm is unable to escape from the unfortunate two part story arc that preceded this one, as some soldiers from one of the warring clans come looking for payback.  This sets up a good action sequence but it is equally forced in other ways specifically in the resolution.

As with any comic series, the stories here would benefit from a lack of influence of outside factors, but more so, it would seem that for all of the solo X-Men titles that they are lacking in the absence of other X-Men.  Storm is easily a compelling enough hero to hold her own book, but as a character she is not being able to let loose and carve out her own niche.  Until that time, this series is going to be searching for an identity, but at least in this issue there seems to be some promise that the series is heading that way.

Story: Greg Pak Art: Al Barrionuevo
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Pass

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