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Kickstarter Spotlight: Lifehacker

Lifehacker coverby Ovi Demetrian Jr.

Hello, I’m running a Kickstarter for my new indie comic series, Lifehacker. It’s a modern noir detective story about a hacker turned private investigator. Here’s the summary of the story:

When police detective Lisa Adams finds a hacker going through case files, she decides to hire him on as a consultant for the department. The hacker, Joe Macintosh uses his obsessive, calculated nature to program computer algorithms that make connections between victims and suspects. However, because of Joe’s OCD tendencies, Adams quickly finds that working with him can be difficult. Now on their first case together of a suspected serial killer, it’s up to Adams to make sure she can keep both the investigation, and Joe, under control before another dead body is found.

The artist is Jen Hickman who’s done work on a few Kickstarter-funded comics in the past including The Dead and The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb. Rewards include trading cards, commissions and a character likeness in the comic itself along with a trading card case file for the character.

I’ve previously written the comic series Hacktivity, which is another hacker-themed action graphic novel similar to Lifehacker. The Kickstarter also represents the launch of my new indie comic imprint, ovidem comics which is part of my mission to make comics full-time, supported directly by fans.





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