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Review: Zombie Tramp #5

ZT05It is still not really possible to know what to make of Zombie Tramp.  After the last issue with the exorbitant amount of gore and sexual violence, this issue plays it a bit more straight (which is relative here) by deviating from the story for a non-sequitur bar fight.  As Janey is making her way across the country, she decides to stop at a road house for some food and for a rest, but what transpires is not a lot of either.  In the zombie genre I suppose that at one point or another that it is necessary to at least pay tribute to From Dusk Till Dawn, and as such this is a partially serviceable attempt at such, as Janey ends up going up against an unexpected werewolf in a battle royale.

Part of what can be considered to be salvageable about this series, among all of the gore and violence, is that it occasionally serves as a story for a weird kind of female empowerment, in that Janey treats men with the same disregard that they treat women. While this is often of questionable value it is mostly absent here, instead focusing solely on the action sequences.

It is there where the series finds a bit of solace.  Janey is still over the top, but then so too is the action, and when both seem forced upon the reader, they sort of negate each other to a small degree here.  At the same time that is not really enough to warrant a positive recommendation for this issue, but perhaps by avoiding any kind of morality the story here can be enjoyed for its gratuitousness, even if that is not enough to recommend most stories.  In the end it is a bit of fluff in this medium, in fact maybe the biggest bit of fluff that one can find (especially when one notices that its letter column is called Tramp Stamps.)  At least it is doing something new in the zombie genre, and deserves some respect for that, even when the end product fails to impress on most levels.

Story: Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin  Art: Dennis Budd
Story:  6.3 Art: 7.5  Overall: 6.3  Recommendation: Pass

Action Lab provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.  

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