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Kickstarter Spotlight: Terra Kaiju

terra ramu sketchby Joe Badon

Kickstarting an Homage OR For the Love of the Kaiju.

A random Sunday in 1987:

I was a young boy at my grandmother’s house having just eaten the traditional Sunday family lunch. In the back bedroom, there was an extra TV that I would run away to and turn on whatever B-movie or monster movie may be playing on Creature Feature or Morgus the Magnificent that day. This is where I discovered my love for the Kaiju or Giant Monsters. I was mesmerized by the toy tanks being melted by Godzilla’s breath or the tiny detailed model buildings being blown apart by Rodan’s wings. This created a love for the genre that I viewed more as a sci fi monster wrestling match than any serious art form.

Fast forward to 1993, I’m in High School. My interest in Kaiju is rekindled while watching MST3K as they skewered classic monsters like Gamera and Gorgo. My affection was then solidified. I truly loved these wild B-movies.

But that was just it, I viewed them as nothing more than fun, campy entertainment. I compartmentalized these films to the popcorn party aisle of the video store. I saw them as cheesy fun and nothing more.  I knew there was a potential for this genre to have more depth but I had yet to see it.

Then, a few years ago, I watched the movie DAIMAJIN (1966). This changed everything. Finally, a film with depth of character, beautiful cinematography, and epic storytelling. It was as if Akira Kurosawa was asked to make a Kaiju movie. It was beautiful.

Now I’m on a quest to create a comic book that will homage this great piece of cinematic history and also pay tribute to other wonderful Kaiju films such as GMK and others.  I am writing and illustrating this work and Paul Brian DeBerry will be lettering the comic.

I’ve decided to use Kickstarter as the vehicle to bring my story to the world.

My book is entitled TERRA KAIJU.

Terra Kaiju is a 25 page, saddle stitched, landscape format, One-Shot Comic Book. The story goes as this: Set in feudal Japan, an endless, embittered battle between two neighboring villages ravages Japan’s countryside. The battle will be decided by pitting the village gods against one another.   At the heart of the story is our hero, Kohitsuji. He is young samurai who must sacrifice his life to his village’s sleeping god, Terra Ramu. Kohitsuji’s soul is then infused into Terra Ramu, thus awakening him for war. Terra Ramu, a 100 foot terra cotta samurai god must then defend his village from Hebragon, an ancient flying serpent demon god.

I’m asking for $3,500. This will give me the ability to complete the artwork, print and distribute the book.

Please check it out and consider giving to this love letter to a genre.

terra kaiju cover one shot



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