Review: Hulk #9

hulk 009 covScience fiction is broadly divided into two categories, either hard science fiction which is much more based in reality or soft science fiction which is a lot more of fantasy than real science.  Without some swing in terms of the application of real science, a lot of seminal stories would not have been possible, where for instance both Star Wars and Jurassic Park exist in the same genre.  Sometimes though it can be entirely fun to mix the two together in an attempt to give a bit of scientific basis to something more or less impossible.  Such is the case here, at least for the first half of this issue as the Hulk travels to the X-Men base (the Cyclops led team) in search of help.  The help which he undergoes is pretty fun in its application, and really is not one that I was thinking about when I saw the issue, though in retrospect the issue is almost perfect for the first half of the book.

It is in the second act where things start to get a little bit weaker.  For anyone not following the series thus far, this ties more closely into the story involving Banner and the Hulk, as the two face off against each other in an unforeseen way.  It is not entirely devoid of quality, but after the first half of the issue, it seems a little bit out-of-place, sort of like the fun has been had and now it is time to get back to the matters at hand.

This duality unfortunately defines this issue.  The first half is undeniably fun and puts the series right where any series needs to be.  The second half returns the series back to its status quo, which to be fair has been an interesting series thus far, though not necessarily ever too far beyond being average.   It is that the first half is an anomaly which is kind of concerning to this series, but as a standalone, thanks to its first half, this issue is pretty interesting, worth a look even from a casual reader.

Story: Gerry Duggan Art: Mark Bagley 
Story: 8.6  Art: 8.6 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Read

General Marvel