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Kickstarter Spotlight: Under the Flesh

TEMPLATE PAGE SET UP.inddby Gilbert Deltres

There’s people who use Kickstarter to whip up potato salads, tour Europe as a musician, make the cooler cool again, mass produce X-Wing fighters, or create a Death Star… Sadly, my project isn’t that interesting because I’m the average Joe who relies on the platform to cement a creative voice in comic books.

See, I already have a stultifying day job. One that doesn’t engage the mind or my creative impulses, which makes writing comics that much more appealing. Yet I can’t fall back on that dream yet, because I don’t have a voice.

I need YOU in order to have it…

About a year ago I emptied out my savings to create Under the Flesh, a Superhero Grindhouse Horror comic that features a short-tempered super soldier with a machete taped to his hand, named Ruben Lobos, who looks to protect the weak in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an unknown virus, which ONLY infects males, degenerating them into savage cannibals!

Judging by the title, don’t assume that Under The Flesh is standard zombie fare, although undead horror fans will find lots to love about UTF, we’re hoping the direction of the comic will appeal to all fans in general, especially those who crave a good superhero story. UTF aspires to be different although it’s a calculated mashup of familiar themes. The perennial example of what defines creator-owned comics.

I’d love to tell you more, but I’d rather have you see for yourself and gauge the quality of the comic by making it available for you to download our first issue totally FREE!

Now that’s where Kickstarter comes in! My first campaign was a success and I was able to print the fully completed 1st issue as well as finance the art for UTF #2, which is drawn by the maestro himself: J.L. Giles, the project’s inker, colorist, and letterer! The gifted hand behind my brainchild! JL and I are committed to putting out our best work with UTF, and as a two-man team without an editor, we’re constantly challenging each other to keep this comic as engaging as possible.

Simply put, KICKSTARTER is our lifeline. Without our crowdfunding backers, Under The Flesh doesn’t exist. Simple as that. My creative voice in comics is nothing but a hopeful inaudible whisper amongst a vivacious bustling marketplace. I would love nothing more than to continue writing comics, but that solely depends on whether others willfully choose to aid in projecting my creative voice past that of a hopeful whisper.

We’re at 50% of our goal with just 5 days to go! There’s cool rewards for pre-ordering UTF #2 like sketches, your likeness being immortalized in our universe as a flesher, Hellion Biker, and more! Please check out our Kickstarter and consider lending some support! A Tweet, a Like, a dollar, or even spreading goes a long way for creator-owned and Indie comics! I’m nothing without you!



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