Review: Shinobi Ninja Princess #4

shino covShinobi: Ninja Princess is an entirely fun and entertaining series, though it is equally obvious that its appeal will be limited to a specific few.  The story here follows Shianndrea (Shinobi) and her group of friends/ninja clan.  As her team leader/crush Kim heads off on a mission to attack a marauding demon, she and Ai are forced to stay behind in order to protect the compound or protect their own safety.  Of course, as they both have a bit of rebellious teenage spirit in them, this curfew does not last long and they soon catch up with the action.

Some might read this and think that it is a bit formulaic, and to be fair it is, but it is at least a formula that works.  It is maybe reminiscent of something that someone might see on television on a Saturday, though probably one of the later morning shows that adults might want to watch as well.  The concept is kind of ludicrous, like a Teen Titans version of a ninja clan, but this comparison holds in a different sense, because part of what helps to make the characters in this series to be relatable is that they are people first and heroes second.  So when Shianndrea first wakes in the morning, she is more worried about whether her team leader notices her, and then realizes that she needs to shower after each mission, because her suit leaves her smelling sweaty.

This fun series is unlikely to surprise anyone with its story or its characters, but by equal measure both the story and the characters are compelling enough in their simplicity.  It is a series that reaches its potential almost completely but still ends up being only above average as a series.  It is not the kind of series that will make friends recommend it to one another, but equally there are very few that will walk away from this saying how disappointed that they were with the experience.

Story and Art: Martheus Wade
Story: 7.6 Art: 7.6 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

Action Lab provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

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