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Review: Ghost #10

ghost 10On an ongoing basis this is one of the most interesting titles to come out on a monthly basis.  Initially in the series it was the setup which defined the series, as the main character Elisa/Ghost comes to terms with being what she has become after her journey to Hell.  While those were engaging stories for a character that was easy to identify with and one that was well-conceived, it is really in the recent issues where the character starts to develop a lot more character, and particularly by facing some of the trials of superheroism head-on.

As in the previous issue, this veers sometimes into an almost philosophical look at the role of a superhero.  Will Ghost maintain the morals of Elisa and not kill?  Or will she take on the more vengeful aspect of her new persona, even if she can see it ending in her own demise?  Can she punish the evidently guilty for crimes?  Or is she constrained by a legal system?  More so should she take the utilitarian viewpoint that killing one can save hundreds, or should she hold all life to be sacred?  And should she donate every waking minute that she has to heroics, or should she take breaks and have an alter ego?  The combination of all of this into a single issue might make it get bogged down, but it works well, especially with Tommy.  He is perhaps her voice of reason, but she finds an easy excuse to ignore him because of his alcohol problem.  In the end she might have to think twice about his words though.  Mixed into all of this is even a healthy dose of action, even giving those looking for not-much-extra in their reading some easy panels to get through.

The end result is the best issue so far in this series, one where Ghost has to wrestle with what exactly her role is to become as an agent of good.  Thus far in this series, she has been established as an unconventional hero, but so too is this an unconventional series, with its base as a regular superhero comic, but its extension as often something more.

Story: Chris Sebela Art: Harvey Tolibao
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

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