Review: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches #3

StorytellerWitches03_coverSo far in this miniseries, the connections to the titular storyteller have been almost absent, save for a single non sequitur page in the first issue.  For the first time in this four part series the concept of storytelling is first introduced.  A lone fisherman is marooned off of the coast of Ireland and ends up on an island inhabited by witches.  The witches enlist his aid as they prove to be mostly benevolent, providing him with an extended life.  In exchange he is required to keep the witches’ city alive with his tales, the tales of fantasy providing the wonder upon which the buildings are created.

Although the story fits better in the overall concept of the series than the first issue, it still suffers from a medium trying to describe itself.  Sometimes such works can be of a good calibre, but all too often they become too self-referential as movies describe movies, music describes music or poems describe poems.  That is the case here, the story at its heart is still fairly basic with the character not really fully developed, and so there is little to get behind as there was in the second issue.  Instead much of the story here deals with telling the reader how important story tellers are, which is perhaps a good message, but also in the end self-serving.

Judged against the merits of the other issues so far in this series, this one lands squarely in the middle.  It wasn’t as off-topic as the first, nor was it as beautiful as the second.  Instead it ends up being a serviceable attempt, though it comes up short in the end.  In terms of the overall series, it is likely that it will be collected into a trade paperback at some point, and that being the case, this issue will fit in well, but as a stand-alone issue it still really isn’t worth going out of the way for.

Story and Art: Matthew Dow Smith
Story: 7.2 Art: 7.2 Overall: 7.2 Recommendation: Pass

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